Updates gets streamlined, can search across your network

Now when you log into your network, you’ll notice some changes with the Updates section.  These include a new layout and a search box to help find different types of content, regardless of the application they’re in.

Here’s a screenshot of the changes:

New layout for the Updates section, easier to view recent changes and the ability to search throughout your network.

And a description, why it was done:


The previous version showed the five recent updates for all the applications in a single view.  While this is nice to see the big picture, sometimes it can be a little too much and thought it would be better to change it, provide a little more focus.

The result being a listing of each of your applications showing only the most recent change instead of five.  You can click on the application to view more changes, up to the five as before.  Another change that was made was putting the date first to show a more logical order, as the items are after all, sorted by date.

The change gives you a more minimalistic overview while still giving you the options to see more if curious.

Search Across Your Network

The other big change added is the ability to search from Updates.  As this includes content from across your network, regardless of the application, the search also is from across your network.  This helps for when you’re looking for a piece of content, but not sure if it was an action, note or another application, just use the search to find wherever it is.

Go here to learn more about using Updates with your network.  If you have any questions about this feature or other comments, feel free to let us know from the Help Desk from inside your network.