Use the Updates Stream to see new content from other networks

For people that have multiple networks that they’re working with, now you can see an activity monitor for any new content shared with you on any of your networks.

To view your updates, you’ll see a link on the top right of the page for Updates, such as “3 Updates” or “7 Updates” or if there’s isn’t any, “0 Updates” will be displayed.  Click the link and you’ll see a page with a list of the new content.  Click on a content link to go directly to the item in its respective network.  Here’s a screenshot of the new feature:

See new content from other networks you're involved with.

Activity Monitor Information Displayed

Here are the current types of content shown in the activity monitor:

  • What: The name of the application item along with a graphic icon of the type of application, such as an action, event, note, audio recording, document, image, video, news source, website, folder or comment.
  • Who: The name of the person who created or uploaded the content.
  • When: The date of when it’s been done.
  • Mark as viewed: Click this button to remove the activity note from your display.

Hope you enjoy the new feature and feel free to let us know of suggestions or comments from Support inside your network.