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Adding other content to compliment an event

Besides using the events application to schedule the event, you can use the other applications to compliment it, such as actions, notes, polls, photos, audio, video, or websites. With the result being you have a wide range of content about the event in one centralized place for easy reference. Here’s a short walk through for doing so.

Have separate folders for different manufacturing projects

If you’re working in a small business and working with multiple manufacturing projects, you can organize them by simply creating a new folder or sub-folder for each. Here’s an example for doing so.

20 Things that a Club can do with their own network

Thinking about getting a private network just for a club that you’re involved with or helping to manage? If so, here are 20 benefits and ways that you can use an Odysen network for doing so.

Add sub-networks for 3rd parties

If you have a network for your small business but would like to share content with a third party, such as partner for a project you’re working on, one way to do so is by creating a new sub-network just for them, or just for that project.

Reviewing a project with a conference call

Often times during a project you’ll have a few project reviews, meetings, or conference calls, helpful to get a reset if changes are needed, review milestones and other aspects. If you already have an Odysen network for your projects, here are a few ways you can use your network to help organize a project review with a conference call.

Including complimentary content with your office files

One of the nice things about storing or sharing office files is when you add them to any specific folder, you can also share a wide variety of other content within the same folder to compliment your office files.

Sharing backups of your financial files

For people needing to share different types of financial content, such as various office files, spreadsheets, or PDFs, while there are many ways you can do this, doing so with an Odysen network provides a much more comprehensive solution for your content and activities. Here are a few highlights from doing so:

How an association can use to manage their finances

One of ongoing and fairly important activities with most associations is managing the finances. You have so much member dues coming in, and usually many more projects on deck. Do them all and you go negative and have to raise dues, or pick and choose the ones that are really needed and leave it at that. While there are lots of ways that you can manage this, here’s how you can do so on an Odysen network.

Importing multimedia files from one network to another

This is a helpful feature for freelancers involved with different types of multimedia files. You can have one main network for yourself and separate sub-networks for the different clients you’re working with, importing a collection of files from one network to another as appropriate.

Viewing all the office files from your network

While you can others can add office files to different folders, appropriate for a specific topic or project, you can see all the office files in your network from the root folder, or the first folder in the folder navigation section.

20 Things an Association can do with their own network

Are you involved with an association and looking for a network to store and share content with others? If so, here are 20 benefits or ways you can do so using an Odysen network.

See a summary of all your storage by network

When you review the networks page of your account, you see a listing of your networks, the date of the last new content, how many people are in the network, newsletter status, and the amount of storage you’ve used.

Sharing office files with others in your association

When you have a network with an association, one of more popular or useful applications is the Documents application, helpful for sharing both new office files as well as storing older ones for later reference. Here are a few highlights that you get when doing so.

Staying informed of new office files shared with you

If you’re on a network where you’re regularly sharing different types of office files (word, spreadsheets, or presentations), and would like to be automatically informed when a new file is uploaded, you can do so by adding a Newsletter to the network.

Sharing documents, photos, and comments with your organization

While there are lots of different content you can share with your organization, some of the most popular are sharing office files, photos, and having online discussions with comments. Here are some of the highlights you get with each.

10 Benefits from using Odysen networks for file storage

If you’re looking for a network to help organize and share your different storage files, here are 10 benefits you get from doing so with an Odysen solution.

Popular ways to use the Documents application

The Documents application can be a useful tool for storing and sharing your office files and spreadsheets, whether for personal and professional environments. Here are a few examples for doing so.

10 Reasons to use Odysen for your backup

While there are loads of solutions you can use for your backup needs, with Odysen you get a unique combination for both storage and complimentary content. Here are 10 reasons why using Odysen can be helpful for backup.

10 Benefits for manufacturers having their own networks

Involved with a business that’s involved with different types of manufacturing activities? If so, here are 10 benefits you get from using an Odysen network to help organize and manage your activities.

Have your own network to help organize your website content

If you’re involved with organizing and managing a website, here are a few ways that you can use to help manage the content you’re thinking of using.

Have your own networks to help organize manufacturing projects

This includes sharing projects with colleagues, having separate networks for third parties or specific manufacturers, sharing office files and different options to stay informed of new content or comments.

How freelancing Admins can organize projects, research and traveling

Have separate networks for each client to keep content focused, helpful for office, personal, research, travel and virtual assistant activities.

How colleagues can share for the many hats they wear

Have a network to easily adapt for a variety of small business roles and activities, including using with development, sales and marketing, administrative and other areas.

How Freelancers in Bangladesh can have their own networks with clients

Have separate networks for different clients and share content as appropriate, helpful for IT and Programming, Design and Multimedia, Writing and Translation, Sales and Marketing, Admin Support, Finance and Management, Engineering and Legal.

How to upload and share Files on a network you’ve just created

This includes for sharing any documents, images or photos, audio or music recordings and videos. Simple to upload and easy to share with others on your network.

15 Benefits for Researchers sharing content with private networks

With being able to have your own networks, freelance researchers can use to have a focused solution for different clients, with content appropriate in each.

New Filters for viewing only the files you’ve uploaded

Useful for reviewing, editing or removing files you’ve uploaded to your network, including images or photos, audio or music recordings, videos or other types of documents.

Viewing files by the most recently uploaded

Helpful for viewing the most recent version of a file or document, just click the column header for the uploaded date and done.

Having your own network for different kinds of Backup

This can be for work files, photos, instructions or directions, helpful websites, interesting blogs, music files, medical, financial or other more private types of content to have a little more organized for whenever needed.

Rich Text Editing added to Documents, a streamlined list view

Helpful to enhance your description of a file, add a bullet list if appropriate and other text editing options.