Having your own network to organize a website, blog and other Marketing activities

For people such as freelancers, small business owners or those very active with their hobbies and interests, adding the additional tasks of organizing and managing your website, blog or other marketing activities can be while seemingly not difficult, also not exactly what you’d call trivial.

It adds up, especially with all your regular activities of what you could call product or service development, working with current customers and other colleagues and partners.

Here are a few ways you can use a private network to help organize some of these marketing or promotional activities.

For Your Website

Having your own website can be used in different ways, whether something more simple similar to having a business card on the web to something much more detailed and active.  Use the websites application to have the different websites you use centralized in one place, including for:

  • Editing your website.
  • Analytics or website reports.
  • Links for webmaster tools at Bing, Google or other search engines.

Using the other applications:

  • Store graphics, logos, favicons and other images in the documents application for easy reference.
  • Add a note of an outline of things to do, new pages to create or edit.
  • Add a few actions for a larger project with your website, include the priority, owner, status or due date.

Keeping Your Blog Updated

With a blog, you can use to inform of new features or services, provide use case examples, discussions about your market, industry or niche and other types of appropriate content.

  • Add your blog to the news reader, make sure the feed is regularly working ok.
  • Add other blogs relevant to your niche, stay informed of what others with similar perspectives are doing.
  • Similar as with your website, add content to the other applications as needed.

Centralizing Other Promotional Activities

After your website and blog is up and running, you may find other places to promote your endeavors such as:

  • Schedule events, whether for a one time basis or recurring activities.  Include an event alert for extra preparation.
  • Store websites of different social networks that you have a presence on.  While these may sometimes seem to come and go, if you have extra time they can be option to do something with.  Have the different websites in one place or folder, to quickly go through when you have time available.
  • Organize a bigger picture project with the actions application.  Add actions to different folders and see them centralized by simply clicking on a respective parent folder.

Like many activities, items for your website, blog and other promotions that while need to be done, often are not your primary focus and can feel difficult to stay caught up with.  With having your own network, you can centralize them, share with others as appropriate, use to help keep things more organized and get more out of the little time you have available for such activities.