Add comments without worrying they’ll be shown in an Ad

In case you haven’t noticed, some places where you might be sharing content are starting to use your info with different ads they’re promoting.  Some examples:


With Odysen, as you’re both the customer and user, we respect your privacy and would never do anything that harms or prohibits adding and sharing content.  That would be insane, making people worry about any piece of content they share could be used in an ad to the highest bidder.  And while people may put up with it, as they don’t feel they have an alternative, it’s not right and gives less freedom to you the user, the ones actually using the networks.

Of course, one alternative is with sharing content on Odysen, here are a few key highlights you get from doing so:

  • Multiple Networks: Have as many networks as you need, this could be a dozen networks for different groups of friends, maybe one or two for family members, a group you’re involved with and so on.
  • Quality Content: Keep content focused by having different types of content for each network.  By keeping things separate, you can share as appropriate and leave it that.  For example, on your network with friends you can share photos from a recent event or party, but on another with family members, it might be photos from a recent trip, vacation, or sharing a recipe in a note.
  • Integrated Views: See new content from all your networks in one place, making it easy to go through and view more info if needed.
  • No ad distractions!  None, zero, zilch, squat.  This gives more space on any given page for your content, not having to click through a half dozen ads before viewing a new photo or other content, as well as not having to worry about your content being used in some obnoxious ad.

Go here to learn more about adding comments or other content with an Odysen network, or get started with the free Basic plan.